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Lhasa Tour 7 days

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The roof of the world is the phrase often used to describe Tibet which is the autonomous state of China and Lhasa is the administrative capital of Tibet. The tour in Lhasa is the amalgamation of modern amenities and ancient craftsmanship as seen in the artistic architectural monasteries, palaces and pagodas. Lhasa Tour could be your mystical journey to the roof of the world.

The most populated city of Tibetan plateau after Xining yet the city is peaceful and full of tranquility. The aesthetic atmosphere helps you to ignite the spirituality in one’s self. The tour of Lhasa package put forwarded by Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition consists of the flight transfer in and out of Lhasa from Kathmandu. The usual road trip of Lhasa was from the Kodari Highway crossing the Friendship Bridge at Sindhupalchok district of Nepal but because of the earthquake and recent landslide the highway is blocked paving the impossibility for the road trip to Lhasa. However, the Kerung border between China and Nepal is also soon going to be functional in full fledged which would pave way for the road trip of Lhasa in near future but for now the air route is the best viable option to go in and out of Lhasa. The city tour in Potala Palace is the major highlight of the Lhasa Tour. Various monasteries of significant history and religious beliefs attached like Ganden Monastery (15th Century old), Sera, Drepung and Jokhang temple as well as the Norbulingka Palace and Tibet Museum are worth visiting which would be worthwhile of every penny spent for the tour. The adventurous exploration of the Drayepa Cave which is still functioning as the exclusive meditation place of the monks could be absolutely delightful memory of your tour. The overall experience of the Tibet Lhasa tour would be the combination of the ancient century old monuments, modern buildings and exclusively built city in the lap of Himalayas and hills. You would be amazed to observe the aesthetic beliefs of Tibetan people, the sound of prayers, smell of incense and the thin mountain air acts as the highlights of the Lhasa tour.
Be the part of Beyond the Limit Treks & Expedition for the mystical journey to the roof of the world. The competitive price and the skillful guides from Nepal as well as Tibetan guide are the major edge of the company. Book with us for the assured trip to Lhasa.