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Chandragiri Hill Cable Car Day Trip

Chandragiri Hill cable car
No of People: N/A Max-Elevation: N/A
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Chandragiri Hill which is situated at an altitude of 2540m height is the picturesque hill station of Kathmandu Valley. The newly opened Cable Car from its foothill to the top has added attraction to the destination. Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition offers this magnificent new day tour package to the hills of Chandragiri. Besides amazing natural forests and scenery the hill has the historical significance as well.
The great King Prithvi Narayan Shah of Nepal who is credited for unifying smaller states into greater Nepal has history with this hill. Once returning from this maternal house in Makwanpur he rested in the hill. The beautiful scenery of then Malla ruled valley caught his eyes. From there on rest is history and he got victory over Kathmandu making Nepal the larger country. The panoramic views of the mountains and geographical hilly terrain landscapes are the highlights of the hill. The joyous cable car ride of about 20 minutes over the green lush forest would be captivating. The hill is also very popular among hikers. The Matatirtha – Chandragiri – Thankot hiking route is the popular hiking trail around Kathmandu Valley. The place can be the crossroad to your journey to the beautiful village of Chitlang in Makwanpur district of Nepal. Besides greenery, panoramic views of mountains, Valley View and chilled weather the chance to see the temple on hill top is equally spiritual.
Feel the tranquility in just about an hour’s journey from Kathmandu Clamor. Embark on this day tour for amazing experience of forest, people and scenery. Journey of cable car, hill top chill breeze and mystical feeling would add gloss to your day tour. Undoubtedly, this would be the most beautiful day tour that you find around Kathmandu Valley. The attraction of this day tour is you can see beautiful Kathmandu valley and great Himalayan range from west to east .