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Muktinath Hindus Tour 7days.

Muktinath Tour
No of People: N/A Max-Elevation: N/A
Duration: 7 Grade: N/A
Price: Meals: N/A
Accomodation: N/A
Every year, thousands of devotees flock for attaining Muktinath Tour, the much sought after moksha (Freedom) from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It is an ardent wish of every Hindu to get Mukti- Nirvana from this cycle of taking births over and over again. As Hinduism believes this world is an illusion (Maya) and a visit or trip to Muktinath will help them achieve that goal. The Hindus call it Muktichhettra which is one of the four religious Dhams (sites). In this area, Saligrams (ammonite) found here which are worshipped by Hindus as incarnation of lord Vishnu. The day of Rishitarpani, Ram nawami and Bijaya Dashami are main occasions when there arrive the pilgrims to worship with holy bath.
Buddhists also visit the Muktichhetra to worship Muktinath. There is another famous temple Jwaladevi Mandir, the goddess of flame. The holy bath in MuktiKunda and Sahasradhara is very sacred for the pilgrims. Devotees reach there to worship without having food.


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