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Hike to Balthali

Min Group Size: N/A Max-Elevation: N/A
Duration: 3 Grade: N/A
Price: $225 Meals: N/A
Accomodation: N/A Equipments:
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Hike to Balthali is the perfect trip to capture Nepal’s countryside with eye-pleasing farming. This Hike will take the trekkers to amazing destinations. Balthali village, situated at 1,730 meters which are positioned on the hill beyond Panauti. For the tour to Kathmandu Balthali, you have to take 40 kilometers from the valley. As Balthali is to be found connecting Ladku and Roshi rivers you can outlook the brilliant village in an amazing place. Kathmandu to Balthali short hike will take the trekkers into amazing destinations and it will make you more relaxed. Unlike Kathmandu, you will not be distracted by sound pollution the thing which has filled the place is its beautiful scenery and people are busy in their own occupation. Balthali Trek is the perfect trip to capture Nepal’s countryside with eye-pleasing farming.

Being in Nepal and do not observe snow-covered peaks is not possible so we have included Kathmandu to Balthali itinerary in such a way that you will be gifted with Langtang and Dorje Lhakpa with other mountain resting on the northern skyline. The peaceful courtyard is dominated by elevated green hills and Maharabharat range where you will find densely forest with flourishing floras. This can be the paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers where you can discover remarkable species of wildlife and of course the tradition followed by people despite modernity. Moreover, the opportunity of being at ‘off the beaten area’ opens limitless trekking trails and some have a link you towards the ethnic tribes as well. This is also considered as the best destinations for visiting religious spots like Indreshwar Mahadev, Namo Buddha, Brahmayani temple. Bathali is the destination designed for the family or for those who are looking to carry out more than one hiking.

Balthali Trek starts after you drive to Navobuddha. Without encountering any trouble you will hike to Kami Danda and continue the trek to Khopasi you will drive to Kathmandu valley. So, let’s move into the charming Balthali village placed on the beautiful place showing the snowy Himalayas and lively green forest. Trekking in the comforting area with uncrowded routes is simply the best feature seek by the trekkers. The trek can be planned for throughout the year apart from the rainy season.

Note: Trekkers who have already accomplished trekking in Nepal these short trekking are suitable for you.

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